E&P Title Management

Bring all of your licence and permit information together into a single oil and gas RegTech software solution.

Any type of licence or permit, anywhere in the world, can be managed in Permitintel. This includes E&P licences and concessions, oil and gas leases, production sharing contracts and all ancillary licences such as facility / infrastructure licences and pipeline licences. You can also manage any other government approvals such as land and water use conditions, building permit conditions and overseas investor requirements.

Instant visibility of your exploration and production portfolio.

Whether your E&P portfolio is concentrated in just one state or country, or includes assets across a number of the world’s oil and gas regions, Permitintel allows you to quickly focus on your core information:

  • GIS map views of licence / permit locations and boundaries
  • Licence holder and joint venture partner information
  • Expiry notifications and reminders
  • Licence conditions
  • Work programme commitments
  • Licence history
  • Links to associated contracts, regulatory approvals and other information

Oil and gas management throughout an asset's lifecycle.

During prospecting, exploration, appraisal, development and production phases, you have the ability to easily view, query and manage your assets with click-throughs to:

  • Work programme management
  • Activity /event management
  • Task management
  • Notifications and reminders

Oversight for operated and non-operated upstream assets

Whether you are an oil and gas operator or a non-operator, the pro-active management of licences and the demonstration of regulatory compliance is critical.


Petroleum regulations often mean that non-operators bear significant liability, even though they may have less visibility of day-to-day operational compliance. Permitintel allows you to track your regulatory responsibilities and contractual obligations, and put in place the necessary checks, balances and risk management strategies.

Finally, oil and gas software tailored to your company’s operations.

No two operations are the same. The number of petroleum assets, type of asset, geographic location and regulatory compliance management needs vary significantly between companies. This is why Permitintel is the E&P licence management solution built to cater for your specific RegTech requirements:

  • Onshore / offshore and jurisdictional distinctions
  • Health and safety regulations
  • Environmental approvals
  • Joint venture requirements
  • Audit and risk