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Compliance registers turned into a powerful activity management tool

Your company manages significant legal and contractual requirements across health and safety, environment and operations. This information is often dispersed across multiple teams, in different systems and captured in endless spreadsheets. It is in these complex and often high risk settings where a specialist oil and gas RegTech solution comes to the fore. Permitintel brings your critical information together in an easily shared, activity-oriented and highly proactive tool, enabling you to confidently manage and demonstrate compliance.

oil and gas regulations and laws, title obligations, exploration and production license.

Tailored Compliance Management
'Action' Lists

Bringing together location specific regulations with activity driven requirements,
Permitintel delivers timely 'to-do' lists tailored to your exploration and production operations.
With inbox notifications directly to those tasked with carrying out activities,
nothing gets missed and your audit trail is captured as you go.

Permitintel Features

gas map, oil map, exploration map, production map, GIS mapping.

Geospatial views for easy navigation to licence information


Upload shapefiles into Permitintel for swift navigation to your licences from a global map and to see the individual permit shapes.

oil and gas regulations, E&P activities

In-built calendars automatically calculate due dates


Our in-built date calculators do the heavy lifting by working out your task due dates for you, reducing the risk of human error. We can cover working day calculations in any jurisdiction and we can custom build calculators to deal with differing definitions in legislation.

oil and gas management, production timeline, exploration timeline

Timeline views for smarter logistical planning


With Permitintel's timeline reports, you can choose which licences and activities you wish to add to the timeline for at-a-glance work programme planning in one location or across multiple locations.

oil and gas regulations, task generation, oil and gas regulatory compliance

Automated task generation significantly reduces data entry


Permitintel's integrated task management system significantly reduces time spent on setting up tasks and reminders. Our automated task system simplifies compliance management for operational teams, ensuring that nothing gets missed.

joint venture requirements, contract management, energy legislation

Holistic view of obligations from all sources including regulatory, contractual and company requirements


Permitintel brings together your obligations from all internal and external sources in a pragmatic, operationally focused tool and ensures that everyone in the organisation has access to the latest regulatory and company requirements.

risk management in oil and gas industry, oil and gas risk management, petroleum health and safety

Integrated risk module enables proactive and responsive risk management


By integrating risk management with your operational activities and compliance obligations, you can proactively manage your risk and respond quickly to changes that impact your risk assessments.

email notification, petroleum software, license tracking

Email notifications and reminders ensure you never miss a deadline


With dashboard notifications and email reminders ahead of key licence, activity and task dates, you'll be on time every time.

energy audit, oil and gas audit, data analytics

Detailed reporting at the click of a button avoids hours of data manipulation


Permitintel has a powerful reporting engine that can display your data in charts and graphs as well as written reports, exportable in multiple data formats.

audit trail, regulator audit, regulatory compliance

Create your audit trail as you go, simplifying internal and external audit processes


With integrated task management and links to information and documents throughout Permitintel, you create your audit trail as you go avoiding the need for lengthy annual surveys.

Safeguarding your legal and social licence to operate

The oil and gas industry is facing unprecedented pressures on its legal and social licence to operate. In the wake of the Deepwater Horizon tragedy global regulators have introduced new or more stringent regulation, imposed higher penalties for non-compliance and demonstrated increased scrutiny of oil and gas activities. In tandem, the growing awareness of climate change has resulted in public, investor and government sentiment shifting to renewable energy sources. These factors combined with the social media explosion over the last decade mean that demonstrating good corporate citizenship must be at the forefront for all operators as the public response to any regulatory breach or incident is swift and global.

As the company's central, visible source of compliance obligations, Permitintel extends compliance knowledge and management to all employees across the organisation. This single RegTech solution significantly reduces key person risk and provides companies with a continuity of data, whether from local assets or dispersed global operations. High-levels of compliance combined with the ability to demonstrate compliance in a simple and timely manner helps operators build trust in their communities and with regulators and partners, ensuring the legal and social licence to operate remains intact.

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