The Future of Risk

When it comes to managing risk, context is everything.

Risk assessment, mitigation, active management and continuous improvement requires an organisation wide approach. By creating linkages between your business environment and your operations, you can pro-actively manage and quickly respond to changes in your business context.

Risk management made simple

By getting your risk register off static spreadsheets and into a dynamic relational database, you can significantly reduce the man-hours spent on recording, assessing, managing and reporting on risks.

  • Risk assessment heat maps customised to your organisation
  • Identification of whether risks are ALARP
  • Links to associated information and documents
  • Comprehensive reports and charts with multiple export formats

Horizontal 'workshop' view for collaborative risk review and updating

View of horizontal workshop snippet in Permitintel.

Smarter action tracking

  • Recording and management of treatment plans and actions
  • Integrated task management
  • Email notifications and reminders

Managing risk takes more than just maintaining a risk register

By viewing and managing risk in the context of your business operations and requirements, the linkages created can significantly reduce the need and reliance on for manual processes or fixed periodic risk review cycles to identify changing circumstances that impact your risk profile.

Throughout 2019 we will be working with our customers and the latest technologies to deliver a new era in risk management.